“English Storybook Tales” 2 In-Person Class at Clearwater Arts Center 12-6-22


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“English Storybook Tales 2”

“English Garden”

This tiny book tells a story of the view of an English Garden! It’s just like a fairy tale all stitched by hand in an enchanting little book! Many hand embroidery & stump work stitches will create the garden, and countryside. We’ll be using several different types of hand dyed fabrics for backgrounds and hillsides. In the class we will create one of the signature pages from Beatrix Potter’s Cottage Garden! There will be instructions given to complete the fabric book.

“English Storybook Tales 2”

Supply List

  • Pattern $15.
  • 12 Background fabrics 6” x 6” (NO Batiks!)
  • 6 fabrics 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” for Tabs (batiks are good for this part!)
  • Assorted Tiny Floral Prints (for Hills and Gardens)
  • 12 6” x 6” Pieces of Quilter’s Dream Fusion Batting 
  • Hand Dyed or Paint Dyed small laces, trims and ribbons
  • 1 Yard of Rayon Seam Binding (Vintage)
  • Other small pieces of fabric for cobblestone streets, flowers, pockets, & house
  • 3” square of wool for thatch roof
  • Charms, buttons, Beads and Sequins (birds, bunnies, sheep, etc.)
  • Needles: #22, 24, 18 Chenille Needles and Milliner #1
  • Ceramic House Buttons
  • Small Plastic or Wooden Ring for an embroidery technique
  • Hand Dyed Pearl Cotton Threads: #12, #8, #5, and #3 (available to purchase during class)
  • Small Embroidery Scissors, pins 
  • Small Wool Felt Pad (available for Purchase in class)
  • Sue Spargo’s Creative Stitch Book (available for Purchase in class)
  • Ott Light (optional)
  • 6 Reinforcement Bar Annealed Wire Ties (available in Hardware Stores, clean to remove any oil) OR you can use 6”-7” cut twigs

Kit Includes: Kit $20.-$30.

  • Pattern $15.
  • 2 Background Fabrics
  • Tiny Floral Print fabric and others
  • Batting for Several Signatures
  • Lace and Ribbons
  • Sequins and Beads
  • Birdie Bead
  • Needles (Chenille #22 & Millener #1)
  • and more…..